About the track

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The scenery speaks for itself and no need to present the awesome circuit of Le Mans that has been hosting races since 1884.
For the ODS LMC event, the present layout of the track is used and present the Mulsanne straights with its 2 chicanes.
This layout choice has been made to offer the best competition possible as well as an eventually safer track for the faster prototypes.

The track version used is “Studio397 Le Mans 2020” and must be part of your content if you wan to participate.
This item is a DLC available at your favorite gaming store platform for a few coins.


Dunlop Chicane

Dunlop Bridge

Forest Esses

Tertre Rouge

Mulsanne Straight

1st Chicane

2nd Chicane

Mulsanne Corner

Indianapolis Corner

Arnage Corner

Porsche Curves

Karting Esses

Raccordement + Pitlane

Ford Chicanes