Main regulations

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In order to participate in Old Drivers Spirit LMC event, you must agree to the regulations.
Here are the main points to understand before submitting your registration.

Complete RULEBOOK & REGULATIONS are available here.

  • Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd December 2023
  • 15 races of 60 minutes over a full 24-hour day/night cycle at the Le Mans circuit.
  • ODS LMC is open to 15 teams composed of 3 to 6 drivers.
    The only restriction a maximum of 3 drivers per team competing together in the same race.
  • More than 20 different cars proposed into “grids” selections from various makes that raced Le Mans from 1950s to 1980s
  • You can pick any eligible car, your choice is only restricted to the mandatory use of different cars within your team 
  • Only the best 2 results (out of 3) per team will score points.