Ferrari 330 1966

Ferrari V12 4l

Ford GT40 Mk.IV 1967

Ford V8 7,0l

Chaparral 2F 1967

Chevrolet V8 7l

Lola T70 1968

Chevrolet V8 5,0l


Saturday 9th December 2023
16H10 – 17H10 : #Race3 / Grid3

Sunday 10th December 2023
00H05 – 01H05 : #Race8 / Grid3
08H50 – 09H50 : #Race13 / Grid3

1966 : After 6 consecutive wins for Ferrari, Ford signs its first win at Le Mans in a legendary rivalry
1967 : Second win for the GT40, in its Mk4 specs, while top speed Ferrari broke
1968 : Despite Porsche finishing second and third, another victory for the GT40 was enough to give Ford the manufacturer’s world title.
1969 : With the same chassis that had won the previous year, Ford took chequered flag by just 120 metres after 24 hours ver the Porsche 908

Note: Cars physics have been adjusted for better competition.