Based on the same principle and schedule as the “real deal”, ODS LMC consists of multiple races over a full 24-hour day/night cycle at the Le Mans circuit with different grids of cars matching classes, years and performances.

Made for gentlemen simracers still proposes some fierce racing and competition coupled with awesome driving experiences in a convivial atmosphere.

Any simracer entering ODS LMC event accepts the following regulations, must have read them and undertakes to respect them.

Any situation not provided in these regulations, as well as any dispute, judged by the organizers, may therefore modify the regulations to avoid a similar case.


Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th December 2023

Qualifying Sessions:
Thursday 7th & Friday 8th December 2023


ODS LMC uses UTC as reference time. A clock shows the OFFICIAL LMC Time at the bottom of the website. Use it as reference. 


Simulation: rFactor 2 (Studio 397)
Mods: see WORKSHOP for base mods + Addons
Track: Le Mans (Studio 397 – DLC)


ODS LMC2023 collection on Steam


OLD DRIVERS SPIRIT LMC is free of charge and open to 15 teams composed of 3 to 6 simracers.
The only restriction a maximum of 3 simracers per team competing together in the same race.

The use of real names is MANDATORY.
InGame names must be your real name like “Louis Durand”, abbreviations or nicknames are not allowed.

Simracers are expected to race under team banners and can’t drive for multiple teams.
Addition of a team tag may be required for all entrants. Those tags being defined by the organizers.


There are more than 20 different cars proposed into “grids” selections.

Each car is made of different chassis (physics & engine) and comes from various makes that raced Le Mans from 1950s t 1980s, we can use in our favorite simracing game, thank to the awesome work of modders.

ODS LMC cars selection tends to best equity regarding balance of performance and realism / period matching.
Eventually, some updates could be made to equal cars performances without deteriorating the original mods specifications

You can pick any eligible car amongst the grid you’re competing in.
Your choice is only restricted to the mandatory use of different cars within your team

Of course, car changes are allowed between races and teammates.


The rFactor2 mods used offer enough car skins to make nice looking races but if you want to wear your own, we are totally open to your suggestion. We encourage “period matching” skins with team or nation colors representation.
Each skin proposed will need organizer’s approval.


Sessions length: 30 minutes
Private session: NO
TeamSpeak Presence : MANDATORY 
Multipliers: Tires x1 / Fuel x1 
Driving Cameras : Cockpit only / No Swingman

Grids 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on thursday and friday.  

Each session is limited to one grid only.

Teams are limited to 3 simracers maximum on a qualifying session at the same time. Like for the race, it’s mandatory to use different cars model within your team.

If a valid qualification time is registered by a simracer, he cannot change anymore his car model for that grid on both thursday & friday sessions (but he can still change his car model for the race if wanted).


The 3 best results (on different cars model) will be recorded for each team.

Starting positions are not specific to a simracer / car combination.

Drivers of a team will be positioned regarding their team quali results and the drivers starting order choice (see gridding explanations).


Grid positions will be generated before each race regarding 3 datas:

1. From qualifications results: give the info of the 3 positions of a team in the grid.

Ex: A-Team after qualifications on Grid1 will be placed at P2,P5,P9

2. From starting grid order choice: established by each team (see Grid Starting Order Choice), gives their drivers order for each grid.

Ex: A-Team (Pedro, Ricardo, Mickael, Ralf, Emerson and Wilson) choose the following drivers order for the Grid1:

1.Mickael, 2.Emerson, 3.Pedro, 4.Ralf, 5.Ricardo, 6.Wilson

3. Before each race, connected drivers at the end of the session before warm-up session: only the connected drivers before the warm-up session will be taken. Definitive grid will be generated during warm-up session to to fix position/driver name.

Ex: For the next race on Grid1: Ralf, Mickael and Ricardo will be driving (Emerson and Pedro are absent for this race). They are connected before warm-up session. So they will be placed on starting grid:

From starting grid order choice (2.):

1.Mickael, 2.Emerson, 3.Pedro, 4.Ralf, 5.Ricardo, 6.Wilson

And from qualifications results (1.) for Grid1 of 1-TEAM, the definitve starting grid for the next race for A-Team is:

P2. Mickael, P5. Ralf, P9. Ricardo


Each team have to send to marshalls the grids starting order not after the last qualification session.

Starting positions are not specific to a simracer / car combination. Drivers of a team will be positioned regarding their team qualifications results, the drivers order for gridding and the connected drivers before the race.

Refer to the gridding explanations above.

Send us the <2-DRIVERS ORDER FOR GRIDDING> tab from Generic ODS LMC 2023 Team Organiser to lmc (at)


Because of the gridding mechanism (see gridding explanations above), the warm-up will be done during a qualification session in-game. During this session you are free to practice. At the end of this session, every drivers for the incoming race have to be connected.

So a warm-up session is then started for 2min, just for gridding.


Once the warm-up is over, server’ session will roll to Race. Each simracers will have 40 seconds to join the grid and sit in their cars.

Any simracer not gridding his car within the 40 second time limit will start the race from the pit-lane and will have to wait at the “red” light at pit exit lane.

When the field of competitors will reach 1st sector’s end, the simracer will be able to start when light goes “green”


15 “head to head” races in a 24 hours period of time. 

3 cars per team (maximum) per race are allowed.
The maximum number of cars on track is up to 45
(15 teams of 3 cars)  

Sessions length: 60 minutes or number of laps
No Formation lap

Start: SINGLE FILE Rolling start at Dunlop bridge
This relocated starting point has been selected to avoid most of the crashes happening in the first corners, mostly because of the proximity of the cars at the start, and the overall hurry to gain places.

TeamSpeak Presence : MANDATORY 
Multipliers: Tires x1 / Fuel x1 
Driving Cameras : Cockpit only / No Swingman 

Pitstops is up to your discretion and may be needed with some cars.

No driver swaps during the event 

Note: Unless there is a technical problem on the server, there won’t be any race restart.

Note: Any movement by a car prior to the display of the green lights may be viewed as a jumped start and result in penalty automatically set by the game.


After a 30seconds gridding procedure, all drivers on the grid wait for the race start countdown signified by the illumination of red lights and an horn sounds produced by the game itself.

The leading car is expected to start slowly heading to the Dunlop Bridge where the rolling start will happen, followed by the second car, then the third and so on…

Simracers are expected to drive at a slow and safe pace of 80kph, in a SINGLE FILE.

Once the first car passes under the DUNLOP Bridge, its driver is allowed to accelerate.
The second car will have to wait until it passes under the bridge to accelerate, then the third car and so on…


The event respects day/night conditions and uses live weather conditions.
Headlights & wipers are mandatory for night racing and potential rain.

TIP : Make sure you mapped a button on your wheel or keyboard to switch them “on” when needed


Top 26 of each race will score points. Only the best 2 results (out of 3) per team will score points.
When a team enters a 3rd car in a race, that car will not score points, but will prevent other to score its position points. The total addition of points after each race will count into a championship of 15 races that determines the overall winning team. 

There is no “Joker” race, and to score points you will have to finish the race with 75% distance covered.
Results will be updated after each race and will give immediately a printout of overall results.  

Note: As the event is free, there is actually nothing to win except the right to come back next year to defend your title


1st: 35pts 2nd: 32pts 3rd: 30pts 4th: 28pts 5th: 26pts 6th: 24pts 7th: 22pts 8th: 20pts 9th: 18pts 10th: 17pts 11th: 16pts 12th: 15pts 13th: 14pts 14th: 13pts 15th: 12pts 16th: 11pts 17th: 10pts 18th: 9pts 19th: 8pts 20th: 7pts 21st: 6pts 22nd: 5pts 23rd: 4pts 24th: 3pts 25th: 2pts 26th: 1pt
No extra points for pole or fastest lap.
Some races are subjected to results multiplier (Night sessions x1,5).


Old Drivers Spirit LMC is a simracing competition where the emphasis is based on the wonderful virtual cars you can drive during 24H, and the passion we share for racing. Far less emphasis is placed upon who will be the next world-class racing champion.

Let’s enjoy simracing together, respect each other and keep up the spirit of gentlemanly competition that Old Drivers Spirit is justifiably proud‎ of.

Our community consists of gentlemen simracers who are inclined towards respecting the basic rules of track behavior.
Racing in virtual world is as much a form of motorsport as racing in the physical one, so we ask for self discipline and respect to organizers and other participants. 

We know emotions will run high in our races, as they do in all competitive environments.
But, any rude behavior – whether in actions behind the wheel, in oral communications through in-sim chat, or in writing damages social relationships and has no place here and won’t be tolerated. Such actions will result in a temporary or permanent exclusion from the event. (personal attacks, insults or any judged “negative” actions).

Zero tolerance for deliberate bad behavior, whether on- or off-track.


Old Drivers Spirit places a high value on responsible driving and fair behaviors.
Fighting for position is allowed but blocking is prohibited.
Accidents in simracing may occur as a natural consequence of close virtual competition.
Responsibility for avoiding crashes will reside in each individual.


Track limits are defined where black tarmac ends and where a longitudinal white line and/or a kerb is placed. 
Keep 2 wheels within the track limits all the time.

It is not permitted to change line more than once during attack or defense of position.


In case of Blue Flag & when in situation of lapping a car, the lapped car must keep its racing line. It is the responsibility of the the lapper to find a safe way around the lapped car and must act in a gentlemanly manner. The race at the back of the field is as important as the race at the front, so please show respect. 


If you “punted” the car you are fighting with for position and/or if you gained advantage illegally, you don’t have to wait to give the position back, to avoid deeper incident.
The simracer at fault must apply a penalty to himself by completing a Drive Thru Penalty on his own.


In case you go off-track, with or without a spin or crash, use extreme attention when re-entering the track.
Use your mirrors and be aware that a field of historic cars have to avoid you. 
Show patience, wait for the field to pass and resume your race the safest way possible. (parallel to the track and in a safe area)


Proven and/or suspected cheat will result in the exclusion of the cheating simracer, and team from the event.
Old Drivers Spirit provides TeamSpeak server for simracers to communicate with one another before, during and after sessions 


Your presence on TeamSpeak is mandatory when racing. Your team will have its own channel and you must use it.
Disrespectful communications, including foul or threatening language and insults, will not be tolerated and will lead to exclusion.


League Manager Raynald Tortay

Event Manager Aurélien Hamart

Technical Support Cedric Hertault, Spyro

Modding Arnaud Plume

Head of Marshalls Arnaud Plume, Spyro


to be announced