.Main Event : Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th June 2020
.Qualifying Session : 25th-26th June 2020
.Races : from Saturday 27th June 15H00 to Sunday 28th June 2020 15h00*

*Note: ODS LMC uses Paris (France) local time as a reference time. 
A CLOCK SHOWS THE OFFICIAL LMC Time at the bottom of the website. Use it as reference.


.Simulation: rFactor 2 (Studio 397)
.Mods: Various
.Track: 24H Le Mans (Studio 397 -  DLC)


.Event reserved to 15 teams
.Teams are composed of 3 to 6 drivers
.3 drivers per team maximum in a same grid race

DRIVERS & InGame Names

.The use of real names is MANDATORY
 .InGame names must be your real name like "Louis Durand"
 .Abbreviations or any fancy nicknames are not allowed ("LouisD47")
 .Team tags [XXX]yourname will be defined and used during the event qualifying and race sessions (3 letters maximum)
 (exemple: [ODS]Louis Durand)


.You can choose any cars amongst the elligible cars in the grid you're competing
.Choice is restricted to one identic car, in the same team and the same grid
Grid 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 propose at least 3 different chassis, but Grid 4 having only 2 chassis you will be able to race 2 cars of the same type.
.You can change cars between races
.Cars choosen by the organizers to compete together into the same grid are composed of different chassis from various car brands
.Level of performances are choosen with best equity and especially without deteriorating the original mods specifications (Eventually, some updates could be made to equal cars performances)


The rFactor mods used offer enough car skins but if you want to wear your team’s colors, we encourage "classic" orientated skins
.No fancy, flashy colors


Thursday 25th June 
Grid 1: 21H00 > 21H35
Grid 2: 21H45 > 22H20
Grid 3: 22H30 > 23H05
Friday 25th June 
Grid 4: 21H00 > 21H35
Grid 5: 21H45 > 22H20
Grid 6: 22H30 > 23H05
- Session length: 35 minutes
- Private sessions: NO
- InGame Chat : NO / FORBIDDEN (except for staff admin)
- TeamSpeak Presence : YES / ADVICED

- Each session is limited to one grid cars only.
> grids 1, 2 & 3 on thursday
> grids 4, 5 & 6 on friday

- Teams are limited to 3 drivers maximum on a qualifying server at the same time 
- Teams can change drivers during sessions, not exceeding 3 drivers 
- Number of cars to drive isn't limited, teams are free to change cars at any time within the 30 minutes session

- Only the 2 best (out of 3) results per team will be recorded for each team
- Starting positions will be applied to the team, not to a specific driver or chassis combination
- Starting positions obtained will remain the same for the 3 races of each grids

- When going to the event races, teams will have to give Race Direction their team drivers names,in order to set up the starting grids according to the team spots.
- All other drivers to race during the event races, will receive random grid position behind the qualified team spots.


.18 races will take place during a 24 hours period of time
.Race duration is timed to 45' minutes or equivalent number of laps
.Multipliers are set to Tyres x1 / Fuel x1
.Driving Cameras : Cockpit only / No Swingman
.30 minutes will separate each races (Break times are subjected to change if the event is running delayed)
.Warm-up is free in between races
.Some races are subjected to results multiplier
.It's not mandatory to enter all grid races with 3 cars/drivers
.The maximum number of cars on track is up to 45
.Maximum of 3 cars per team per grid
.Some mods will require a pit stop in order to complete the race. In other conditions pitstops is up to your discretion
.No driver swaps during the event
.No formation lap .The event respects day/night conditions .Night time conditions “in Game” will start around 10PM and will finish approximatively around 5AM .Headlights & wipers are obviously mandatory for night racing and potential rain. Make sure you mapped a button on your wheel or keyboard to switch them “on” when needed They can also be used in case of lapping cars and prevent for you arrival and overtake maneuver. Do not abuse in that case.


.In between grid races, 15 minutes of warm-up session are set-up
.You’re free to practice before race start


.Each driver will have 30seconds to place his car on the starting grid once the racing server will roll from Warm-Up to Race session.
.Any driver not gridding his car within the 30 second time limit must start the race from the pit-lane and wait at the "red" light at pit exit lane.
.When the field of competitors will reach 1st sector's end, the driver will be able to start when light goes "green"


.Standing start
."Standing Start" countdown to the start will be signified by the illumination of red lights. After a short delay, the lights will turn green, signifying the start of the race
.Any motion by a car prior to the display of the green lights may be viewed as a jumped start and result in a Stop&Go or Drive Through penalty automatically set by the game
.There won’t be any “Restart”


.Top 26 of each race will score points
.Only the best 2 cars (out of 3) per team will receive points
.If a team eters a 3rd car in a race, that car will not score points but will prevent other teams to score its position points (see example below) .The total addition of points after 18 races will determine the winning team .There is no "Joker" race .To score points you will have to finish the race with 75% distance. .Results will be updated after each race and give immediately a printout of overall results. Note: As the event is free, there is actually nothing to win except the right to come back the next year to defend your title


 1st: 35pts
 2nd: 32pts
 3rd: 30pts
 4th: 28pts
 5th: 26pts
 6th: 24pts
 7th: 22pts
 8th: 20pts
 9th: 18pts
 10th: 17pts
 11th: 16pts
 12th: 15pts
 13th: 14pts
 14th: 13pts
 15th: 12pts
 16th: 11pts
 17th: 10pts
 18th: 9pts
 19th: 8pts
 20th: 7pts
 21st: 6pts
 22nd: 5pts
 23rd: 4pts
 24th: 3pts
 25th: 2pts
 26th: 1pt

“RACE RESULTS” example

1st: Team 2 = 35pts 1st driver / scoring 2nd: Team 1 = 32pts 1st driver / scoring 3rd: Team 4 = 30pts 1st driver / scoring 4th: Team 3 = 28pts 1st driver / scoring 5th: Team 4 = 26pts 2nd driver / scoring (6th: Team 4 = 24pts) 3rd driver / not scoring 7th: Team 1 = 22pts 2nd driver / scoring 8th: Team 8 = 20pts 1st driver / scoring 9th: Team 6 = 18pts 1st driver / scoring 10th: Team 7 = 17pts 1st driver / scoring 11th: Team 7 = 16pts 2nd driver / scoring 12th: Team 2 = 15pts 2nd driver / scoring 13th: Team 10 = 14pts 1st driver / scoring (14th: Team 2 = 13pts) 3rd driver / not scoring 15th: Team 3 = 12pts 2nd driver / scoring 16th: Team 5 = 11pts 1st driver / scoring 17th: Team 5 = 10pts 2nd driver / scoring (18th: Team 5 = 9pts) 3rd driver / not scoring (19th: Team 7 = 8pts) 3rd driver / not scoring 20th: Team 8 = 7pts 2nd driver / scoring 21st: Team 9 = 6pts 1st driver / scoring (22nd: Team 8 = 5pts) 3rd driver / not scoring (23rd: Team 3 = 4pts) 3rd driver / not scoring 24th: Team 11 = 3pts 1st driver / scoring 25th: Team 11 = 2pts 1st driver / scoring 26th: Team 6 = 1pt 2nd driver / scoring
27th: Team 12
28th: Team 13
29th: Team 12
30th: Team 9

Team 1 = 32+22 = 54pts
Team 2 = 35+15 = 50pts
Team 3 = 28+12 = 40pts
Team 7 = 17+16 = 33pts
Team 4 = 30 = 30pts
Team 8 = 20+7 = 27pts
Team 5 = 11+10 = 21pts
Team 6 = 18+1 = 19pts
Team 10 = 14 = 14pts
Team 9 = 6 = 6pts
Team 11 = 3+2 = 5pts
Team 12 = 0pts
Team 13 = 0pts

*All these regulations are provisional. Grids, Elligible cars and timelines could be updated.



Server password is set to : ods2020