To update the LMC content (cars&tracks), just do a new synch with rFsync.

  • If you encounter a mismatch error message when joining LMC server, do a new synch first
  • If something is broken in your install, do a new synch first
  • STEP 1 | Synchronizing your rfactor directory

Launch rFsync tool located in your rfactor directory (ODS_LMC2016-rFsync.bat), 
select your language and the password.
Select Synchronize seasons into the Menu 
(using mouse or keyboard arrows and <return>)

Tick the grids you want to participate

Click "Synchronize" and all content files for LMC will be checked and updated if needed. If a file contains inconsistency, it will be updated too.

Once Synch is successful, Click "Quit"