.Download all the content for ODS LMC: cars and track
.Update this content afterwards simply with a new synch to avoid mismatches
.Activate/deactivate RealfFeel plugin 
(a realfeel.ini file is available to download if needed)
.Join our servers directly


  • STEP 1 | Installing a fresh copy of rFactor Lite

If you need to download rFactor Lite, it is available on ISI website. Download rFactor Lite

At the end of the install, you will have to select the following options:


Select "Quality (DX9)". 
If you forget this step, you will able to select by launching rF config.exe file available in your rFactor directory.

rFactor directory content after install:


Once installed, launch rFactor and create your driver profile 
(or copy it from an existing rFactor install).


  • STEP 2Downloading LMC_rfsync

Download rFsync ODS LMC A password will be asked when launching rFsync the first time, ask your team manager


  • STEP 3 | Installing LMC_rfsync

 Unzip LMC_rfsync in your main rfactor directory


  • STEP 4 | Fixing your rfactor directory permissions

Fix permissions file will ensure the first synchronisation, the following script only fix permissions of your rfactor directory.
Launch fixperms.bat located in rfsync directory as administrator before the first synch.



  • STEP 5 | Synchronizing your rfactor directory

Launch rFsync tool located in your rfactor directory (ODS_LMC2016-rFsync.bat), 
select your language and the password.
Select Synchronize seasons into the Menu 
(using mouse or keyboard arrows and <return>)

Tick the grids you want to participate

Click "Synchronize" and files are being downloaded. 
Wait while downloading, it can several hours depending the download size and your available bandwith.

Once Sync is successful, Click "Quit"

Next times, if you encounter mismatches messages when joining the server or update is noticed by admins, do a new synch with rFsync.

STEP 6 | First launch

At first launch of rFactor after the LMC install, you may have loading error messages, in such case, validate those messages and in rFactor go to mods and select LMC, then quit the game and launch it new, everything should be fine now.