Readme first

The ODS LMC servers have been updated. All the cars and grids appear under “ODS LMC” when selecting a car in-Game. When connecting to the servers, skinpacks and grid1&2 will be downloaded, that’s why you need to get the original mods prior joining a server.

Steam workshop

All the mod Links can be found here in the rFACTOR2 Workshop on Steam

Grid 1 : ENDURANCE1954

Downloaded when joining the server.

Grid 3 : ENDURANCE 1967

Grid 4 : FORD vs FERRARI

Grid 5 : GTPC VLM

Porsche 956
Lancia LC2 
Jaguar XJR-5 

Grid 6 : MAKCORP GroupC

Group C 1.3b

Circuit : 24H DU MANS

* If after Le Mans track last update from s397 (June 25th) you are missing old packages to join our servers, you can download and install previous version used for ODS LMC here:…qYNPPfF_opRMdK6V_kfw…Wc_UkEndLAKcc5ZipGu8