Eligible Cars GRID 4A:

Alfa-Romeo Tipo33/2
Alfa-Romeo Tipo33/3
Ferrari 312P
Matra-Simca MS650
Porsche 908-02 K Spyder*
Porsche 908-02 K Flunder*

Eligible Cars GRID 4B:

Ferrari 512S "Coda Corta"
Ferrari 512S "Coda Lunga"
Ferrari 512M
Lola T70 Mk.3 GT*
Lola T70 Mk.3B*
Porsche 917 "Kurzheck"
Porsche 917 "Langheck"

*Note: All Porsche 908-02 , Alfa Romeo Tipo33, Lola T70, no matter the type, count as the same car/chassis in team’s choices.