News#8: 6th LMC Results / Photos

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The 6th edition of LMC was this year a tremendous time with more or less 50 drivers involved among 9 teams giving their best to win the trophy. We especially wanted to thank you for your confidence and participation, there is no better reward than reading your after race comments and reports. Thank you for the kind words.

This event proved that, even in 2016, rFactor1 is not over and we can still have tons of fun with it, and we can already say that LMC 2017 will take place under the same platform.

Here comes the final overall results and detailled races results as well. You can also download all the server’ s replays and find photos of your participation in the following links :



  1. Vaillante 1296pts
  2. Old Drivers Spirit 1196pts
  3. Racedepartment 1127,5pts


Looking forward counting you among us next year for the 7th edition.

We will announce the dates and details soon.

Stay tuned.


*If you have any videos or screenshot you would like to see online, do not hesitate to contact us about it.