News#5: Qualifying Results Grid1, 2 & 3

Dear Friends and Competitors,

Here comes the results of Qualifying Sessions for Grids 1, 2 & 3.


"Pitlane has opened as expected at 20.00UTC+1 for Grid1's Qualifying Session. 
The actual BoP of Grid1 being favorable to the SLR due to its power and top speed, it wasn't a surprise to see [OSO]FMHerrou taking pole position. Behind, 2nd, 3rd & 4th are separated by less than 0.5seconds with cars like Jaguar D-Type, Aston Martin DBR1 and Maserati 450S. [VA] qualifies 3rd & 4th in front of the second [ODS] car. The first Ferrari 250TR, driven by [RDX]Allan took 6th position. The expected teams qualified 2 cars on this first "run" and we can already predict some kind of a long & tough battle throughout the whole event. [SJ]Oscar, rookie among the rookies of the event is showing a good 8th and [OGR] also qualified cars to fill the grid. 19 drivers have been seen on track."

Grid 1 (full results) (replays)

  1.  [OSO]FMHerrou 4’56″351 – Mercedes SLR * 4’53″947 4’55″230 4’56″281
  2.  [RDX]Stig 4’59″511 – Jaguar D-Type
  3.  [VA]Aurelien 4’59″615 – Aston Martin DBR1
  4.  [VA]Greg 4’59″974 – Maserati 450S
  5.  [ODS]Gilles 5’01″079 – Jaguar D-Type
  6.  [RDX]Allan 5’01″989 – Ferrari 250TR
  7.  [ODS]Didier 5’02″274 – Maserati 450S
  8.  [SJ]Oscar 5’03″787 – Mercedes SLR
  9.  [OSO]Vincent 5’03″846 – Aston Martin DBR1
  10.  [OGR]NicolasV 5’07″625 – Ferrari 250TR
  11.  [OGR]Yannick 5’16″232 – Maserati 450S



"Grid1 was probably just a warm-up session after the show of Grid2 cars sliding their back-ends all around the track, some nicely, some with power. Probably the "driftiest" selection of cars where big V8s are at their best especially into "les Hunaudières". As expected Shelbys and Fords are in the lead with the top5 competitors within tenth of a second. [OSO]FMHerrou took pole once again after several tries in front of [ODS]Didier and both [VA] in the second row. [RDX] & [SJ] had also placed their cars on this session and the only Porsche 904 seen was driven by [OGR]NicolasV in front of his team mate (10th & 11th). Another "much appreciated" presence of drivers,very encouraging for the event."

Grid 2 (full results) (replays)

  1.  [OSO]FMHerrou 5’00″282 – Shelby Daytona * 4’57″891 4’58″931 
  2.  [ODS]Didier 5’00″528 – Shelby Daytona
  3.  [VA]Aurelien 5’00″788 – Shelby Daytona
  4.  [VA]Greg 5’00″800 – Ford GT40 * 4’59″943
  5.  [SJ]Oscar 5’01″164 – Shelby Daytona
  6.  [RDX]Stig 5’01″305 – Ford GT40
  7.  [OSO]Vincent 5’02″120 – Ford GT40
  8.  [ODS]Cedric 5’02″255 – Ford GT40
  9.  [RDX]Yves 5’02″763 – Shelby Daytona
  10.  [OGR]NicolasV 5’05″715 – Porsche 904
  11.  [OGR]Yannick 5’10″556 – Ford GT40



"Grid3 and the ridiculously fast cars of LM'66 was a fantastic show. The limited elligible cars for this grid allows a closer fight with most of the competitors driving Ferrari P4 and GT40, the infamous Ferrari-Ford duel. This year at ODS LMC, that's a Ferrari that will start on pole, driven by our belgian friend [ODS]Arnaud, just in front of a train of other P4s of [VA]Aurelien, [RDX]Stig, [SJ]Oscar, [RDX]Allan & [OSO]Vincent. The first GT40 is at the hands of [ODS]Gilles, just in front of the Porsche 910 of [OGR]NicolasV discovering LMC. Also noted the presence of [SJ2]Lee, (hard)core member of Simjunkies which hosted the event the last 5 years. The organizers especially wanted to thank them for their registration this year.
On the "negative" note, some track limits abuse were noticed and reported to the organisation team, and as a consequence laptimes were studied in details for the front runners. It seems necessary to remind your the rules of ODS LMC. Laptimes have been cancelled. 
We strongly suggest all drivers to respect the rules as exclusion could be an option for rebellious drivers."

Grid 3 (full results) (replays)

  1.  [ODS]Arnaud  4’30″363 – Ferrari P4  *4’29″124
  2.  [VA]Aurelien 4’30″749 – Ferrari P4
  3.  [RDX]Stig 4’30″911 – Ferrari P4
  4.  [SJ]Oscar 4’31″881 – Ferrari P4
  5.  [RDX]Allan 4’33″724 – Ferrari P4
  6.  [OSO]Vincent 4’35″676 – Ferrari P4
  7.  [ODS]Gilles 4’35″721 – Ford GT40
  8.  [OGR]NicolasV 4’36″522 – Porsche 910
  9. [VA]Greg 4’37″311 – Ford GT40
  10.  [OSO]FMHerrou 4’37″655 – Ford GT40 *4’29″927 4’31″246 4’31″647
  11.  [SJ2]Lee 4’49″164 – Porsche 910
  12.  [OGR]Yannick 4’50″017 – Ferrari P4

*Fastest laptime have been cancelled due do a lack of track limit respect. Cutting the track, not respecting anti-cuts.

After several replay verifications, it appears some drivers do not respect the track limit imposed by ODS LMC. 
The rule is simple, 2 wheels on the tarmac all the time. 
The kerbs aren't part of the track and you must keep 2 wheels on the track when passing over them. 
Then, the yellow bumps (anti-cut) have to be respected too, each driver caught climbing over the yellow kerbs is suggested to penalties or exclusion from the event.
Though, following the racing line into the last chicane and going over the red kerb is OK. 
But if you climb the yellow anticuts, you are exposed to sanctions and exclusion.
Thank you for your understanding.