LMC mod comes with all cars upgraded with realfeel plugin/upgrade, but you still have the choice to use it or not. In each case, be careful to the following checklists:

  • RealFeel FFB checklist

You use realfeel, check that:

  1. Download and install RealFeelPlugin.ini file contained in one of the following archive: Basic RealFeelPlugin.ini
  2. Realfeel plugin is activated (with rFsync, see “Install and activate RealFeel plugin in appendix part)
  3. Select FFB effects in rFactor to low or medium
  4. Buy each car you drive in rFactor and in the car upgrades, select realfeel upgrade
  5. You may need to invert FFB strength in rFactor
  6. If needed, use RealFeel shortcuts to setup the strength and smoothness of the FFB (Real Feel shorcuts in appendix part)


  • Standard FFB checklist

You don’t use realfeel, check that

  1. Realfeel plugin is deactivated (with rFsync, see “Install and activate RealFeel plugin below)
  2. In the car upgrades in rFactor, standard upgrade is selected. If you need more FFB, you can also choose between different upgrades for the strength of the standard FFB
  3. Select FFB effects in rFactor from low to full as you want
  4. You may need to invert FFB in rFactor


  • Appendix

  • Install,activate,deactivate RealFeel plugin with rFsync
RealFeel plugin can be installed, activated and deactivate with rFsync:
Launch rfsync.bat located in your rfactor directory

Select Realfeel into the Menu to install
Afterwards, RealFeel menu will purpose to deactivate or activate RealFeel plugin.
If Realfeel is activated, 
don't forget to select RealFeel upgrade in the car selection in rFactor.

If Realfeel is deactivated, 
don't forget to unselect RealFeel upgrade in the car selection in rFactor.
  • RealFeel Plugin Shortcuts
On board, you can adjust RealFeel parameters. It is adjusted for the current car and is automatically saved.
Ctrl + Num pad 1 =   SmoothingLevel
Ctrl + Num pad 1 = - FFBMixerRealFeelPercent
Ctrl + Num pad 2 =   Real Feel ON/OFF
Ctrl + Num pad 3 = + FFBMixerRealFeelPercent
Ctrl + Num pad 4 = - SteeringDamper    
Ctrl + Num pad 5 = 0 SteeringDamper (11500)
Ctrl + Num pad 6 = + SteeringDamper
Ctrl + Num pad 7 = - MaxForceAtSteeringRack
Ctrl + Num pad 8 = Reverses FFB 
Ctrl + Num pad 9 = + MaxForceAtSteeringRack
  • RealFeel Plugin Notes

Note from rfactor forums:
This is the hot key config used by RealFeel. The only things you should be concerning yourself with are the “Reverse FF”, “Stronger FF”, “Softer FF”, “Decrease RFP mix” and “More Smooting” options.


B} Drive the car at a decent pace turning back and forth. Once rolling ~25 mph you should be able to feel if the FFB is in the correct direction (Pulling to the center) or if the mod has the geometry backward (your steering wheel tries to go all the way left or right.) If it is backward you need to press “RIGHT CTRL + NUM 8”. This will reverse the FFB for that particular car and you can continue.


C} If the force is too strong you can use either (LEFT CTRL + NUM 9) to lower the FFB strength by 1,000 or (RIGHT CTRL + NUM 9) to lower by 100. Use NUM 7 to make it stronger. Drive for a while at high and low speeds, braking hitting rumble strips etc before finalizing this number.


If you notice your steering wheel vibrates alot when there should be no reason OR if you have to set the strength divider set under 1,000 it is recommended you use a smoothing level of at least 1 (RIGHT CTRL + NUM .)


A SPECIAL NOTE!! The RealFeel plugin’s force is most dependent on the suspension CASTER of the car you are using. The higher the caster the stronger the force you will have straitening the wheels out at speed. If you find a car has severely low or high FFB. Instead of putting the Strength below 1000 or raising the divider above 8-9000 and risking over/under modulation try to adjust the Caster in the advanced tab to ~4-8 degrees. An example of Caster being an issue is the V8 Supercars use 15° of caster which is VERY HIGH. I set it to 7° and it was much easier to adjust the FFB correctly.