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How to register a team?

With the form!

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About LMC mod installation

What do I need to install for LMC?

We advise you to install a new rFactor instance for the LMC. Then to install LMC mod, you need rFsync, it will download all the required content for cars and tracks.

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How to update the LMC mod?

Do a synch with rFsync.

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At first launch of rF, some error messages are displayed

After installing LMC mod with rFsync, at first launch of rFactor, error messages are displayed:

Validate error messages, and in game, select LMC mod. Quit the game and launch new, errors are gone now.

FFB related

When using Standard FFB, FFB strength is weak

You forget to install the upgrade “Standard FFB” for your car !

Go in the car select menu, buy your car and install the “Standard FFB” upgrade. If the strength is still weak for you, you can upgrade with FFB Standard multiplier. Also verify the FFB effects level and strength in rFactor.

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