Event postponed to 2022…

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The ODS LMC x ARPIEM will not take place as scheduled (10-11 July 2021) and has to be postponed to 2022. 
We are sorry to make such an announcement and apologize deeply to all Teams and SimRacers registered to the event.  
We are facing difficulties in organizing it up to our standards and we prefer a postponed event than a deceptive expérience not matching your expectations. 
Main reason behind it, to be 100% transparent, is absence of @[ODS]Aurelien being in a rush in his real life agenda, totally mixed up due to the sanitary crisis we all still have to deal with daily. 
In addition, the expected number of attending teams being « short » also lead us to postpone the event to 2022… 
Not being shy on efforts and dedication, all ODS staff agreed to postpone the event to 2022 and will get back to you ASAP with a new date. 
Perfectly aware of the disappointment, we are still working on a shortened event we could propose to the original dates (10-11 July 2021) and will organize some racing for the ones that made everything possible to be present that weekend.  
At ODS we all thank you for your understanding about this situation and sad announcement. Be convinced your favorite classic simracing event will be back stronger, for an even better experience.