Thanks to and, 
we have been organizing an annual virtual rendition of a famous french historic cars festival since 2011. 
Based on the same kind of regulations and agenda, it consists of multiple races over a full 24-hour day/night cycle. 
There are different grids, to suit each cars class, year and performance, as well as simracers skills. 
It's not a proper simracing endurance race, but it’s all about doing 20 races of 45 minutes (each) during 24H. 
Experience what we call the "old drivers simracing spirit" and join us in 2018!



.Races: from Saturday 30th June 2018 14.00 (UTC +1) to Sunday 1st July 2018 14.00 (UTC +1)



Sim: rFactor 1
Mods: Old Drivers Spirit LMC Blender (including Historix 1.96 / WSC70 / DRM 2.0B / VLM GTPC)
Track: Circuit de la Sarthe (+ specific updates)



.Teams composed of 3 minimum and up to 6 drivers (”One-man” team is not allowed)
.3 drivers per team maximum in a same grid race


.All the cars proposed have raced in the 24H of Le Mans between 1950 and 1990
.You can choose the cars you want according to the elligible cars
.NO IDENTIC chassis in the same team within the same grid
.You will be able change cars between races, like a very rich classic car owner



.20 races will take place in 24 hours
.Race length is set to 45 minutes or equivalent number of laps
.+/- 30’ will separate each races.
.Some races will be subjected to results multiplier
.It's not mandatory to enter all grid races
.The maximum number of cars on track is up to 39
.Maximum of 3 cars per team per grid
.Race Direction will set the grid starting positions according to Qualifying results
.There won’t be any “Restart” in case of missed start or DNF within the first corners

*See complete Regulations for more information.