1. Old Drivers Spirit LMC x ARPIEM is a simracing competition.
      Therefore, simracers taking part in this event will be considered as competitors. Old Drivers Spirit LMC x ARPIEM is an event where the emphasis is on the wonderful virtual cars you can drive during 24H, and the passion we share for racing. Far less emphasis is placed upon who will be the next world-class racing champion, so enjoy simracing, respect each other and keep up the spirit of gentlemanly competition that Old Drivers Spirit is justifiably proud of.
    2. The community consists of gentlemen drivers who are inclined towards respecting the basic rules of track behavior. During the event, the same level of self discipline is expected and you are asked to respect the organizers and other participants. 
    3. Racing in the virtual world is as much a form of motorsport as racing in the physical one. Our expectation is that all members of our community will conduct themselves in the same way as a race participant would at an event in the physical world.
    4. Emotions will run high in our races, as they do in all competitive environments. Any rude behavior – whether in actions behind the wheel, in oral communications through in-sim chat, or in writing on forums – damages social relationships and has no place here and won’t be tolerated. Such actions will result in a temporary or permanent exclusion from the event. (personal attacks, insults or any judged “negative” actions)
    5. Zero tolerance for deliberate bad behavior, whether on- or off-track. Individuals who are habitually unable to treat others in an appropriate fashion will find themselves sanctioned, penalized or banned from the event.
    1. Old Drivers Spirit places a high value on responsible driving and fair competition
    2. Accidents in racing are inevitable as a natural consequence of close competition. Responsibility for avoiding crashes will reside with each individual competitor. 
    3. Keep 2 wheels within the track limits all the time. Track limits are defined as where black tarmac ends and where a longitudinal white line and/or a kerb are placed. 
    4. It is not permitted to change line more than once during attack or defense of position. In traffic conditions, lapping/lapped cars, remember that Old Drivers Spirit LMC x ARPIEM is an event made up of cars with varying performance levels. 
    5. Blue Flag & situation of lapping a car, the lapped car must keep its racing line. It is the responsibility of the the lapper to find a safe way around the lapped car and must act in a gentlemanly manner. The race at the back of the field is as important as the race at the front, so please show respect. 
    6. Headlights are mandatory for night racing. Make sure you have mapped a button on your wheel or keyboard to switch them “on” when needed. They can also be used in the case of lapping cars to advise your presence and assist in overtaking, however do not abuse them in this case.
    1. In case you go off-track, with or without a spin or crash, use extreme attention when re-entering the track. Use your mirrors and be aware that a field of historic cars have to avoid you. 
    2. Show patience, wait for the field to pass and resume your race the safest way possible. (parallel to the track and inn a safe area)
    1. If you “punted” the car you are fighting with for position and/or if you gained advantage illegally (by crashing your competitors or going off track limits), you don’t have to wait to give that position back, as it could result in a deeper incident including other simracers. 
    2. The simracer at fault must apply a penalty to himself by completing a Drive Thru Penalty on his own.
  1. CHEAT
    1. Proven and/or suspected cheat will result in the exclusion of the cheating driver, and team from the event.
    1. Old Drivers Spirit provides TeamSpeak server for simracers to communicate with one another before, during and after sessions 
    2. Your presence on TeamSpeak is mandatory. 
    3. Your team will have its own channel and you must use it 
    4. Text Chat “in-Game” is totally forbidden during Qualifying and Race sessions;
      Configure your “whisper” commands if needed, but chat will result in a temporary or permanent exclusion 
    5. Disrespectful communications, including foul or threatening language and insults, will not be tolerated and will lead to exclusion